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Mass is a body of matter with no defined shape. An interactive installation and performance space where the audience and the performer are collaborators. The audience shares an equal part in the creative output. 

Artist - Barney Kass

Creative / Art Direction - Barney Kass

AV technician - Barney Kass

Creative Producer- Pod Bulman

Notch Artist - Richard Porter

Notch and Disguise - Ed Hoare

This space becomes a microcosm of necropolitical theory, where the boundaries between collaboration and individuality, visibility and synchronicity, are continually negotiated. The ambiguous interplay between audience and performer evokes the precarious nature of existence. As participants navigate this space, they reflect the larger social and societal perceptions of not only what but also who is considered important.



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The Cosmic Capsuel

As part of the London Design Festival 2019, I collaborated with the Design Museum Residents to create a unique film installation and soundscape called the Cosmic Capsule.


Shown at the Design Museum London 2019

Video - Mále, Stiliyana Minkovska, Marta Giralt and Robert Johnson

Immersive Audio - Barney Kass

Cosmic Capsuel 3.jpg
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