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Kid Called Moon

Kid Called Moon is the musical project of London-based producer, musician and audiovisual polymath Barney Kass. Weaving together sonic and visual atmospheres KCM brings together intricate polyrhythms, natural textures and electronic music.

Noteworthy Performances;

Glastonbury Festival - Gas Tower Stage 2022

E.S.C.A.P.E Artist in Residence - Shanghai, China 2024

Reprezent Radio - Live AV Set 2024

Music - Barney Kass

Graphic Design - Shelby Guergis

Art Direction - Shelby Gurgis & Barney Kass


Kid Called Moon Live AV

A 1.5 hr audiovisual set. Face tracking technology, alongside AI and Touch Designer, blended the audience's faces in real time. The live visuals act as a mask. Each member of the audience becomes a collaborator.

The visuals were also used as the visual identity of the event by both Reprezent and Tate.

Visuals and Music - Barney Kass

Special Thanks to RALPH, Nathan Nicol, Blue Canhiro and everyone at REPREZENT Radio.

Glastonbury 2022 - Gas Tower Stage

An immersive audio-visual performance that combined 8-channel music, 360 video, and real-time data from brainwave and environmental sensors.


The audience was surrounded by sound and visuals and sounds that responded to the world around them. It was a unique and captivating experience that shouldn't have been missed.

Artists - Amy Cutler & Barney Kass

Creative Technologists - Arthur Willson & Nirav Beni

Sponsor - Pentaform Computers

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