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Sound Design

An intimate and insightful documentary short unravelling the state of mind of my late alcoholic father through the poems he left behind.

RCA Graduate Film 2019

BAFTA Shortlisted 2020
Winner of Passion Animation Prize 2019
Winner of LIAF Audience Award Animated Documentaries 2019

Directed and animated by Freddie Griffiths
Poems by Huw Griffiths
Voice by Owen Teale
Sound Design by Barney Kass
Assistance by Alicia Wengler, Corey McAllen, Rafael Hara, Joumana Issmaiel, Yitong Wang


Sound/Installation design
at Design Museum

As part of the London Design Festival 2019, I collaborated with the Design Museum Residents to create a unique film installation and soundscape called the Cosmic Capsule.


The installation features moving image works by visual artists and a soundscape that I meticulously composed. Visitors can explore the connections of the cosmos as they journey through the stars, discovering the miracle of childbirth, the intricacies of our food systems, the creation of wonder materials and the breathtaking landscape of Chile's Atacama Desert.


The Cosmic Capsule is a thought-provoking experience that seamlessly blends science and art, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of human creativity.

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Sound Design for artist Libby Heaney

FIGURES, £igur€$, go figure? is a groundbreaking video essay that explores the intersection of computer vision, art history, and human anatomy.


The forthcoming artwork, Figures in Limbo, is a partially playable 3D animation that delves into the representation of the human body in both datasets and western art history.


Through playful deconstruction and a critical lens, the piece investigates how cultural and historical biases are now being translated into code, highlighting the continued search for the ideal body in the age of AI. The narrative of the artwork is initially composed by an AI, which weaves together descriptions of so-called canonical artworks and academic papers on AI pose estimation.


However,  Barney and Heaney challenge this narrative by opening up space for other possibilities and presenting alternative bodies that evade the gaze of computer vision. As part of the greater piece, Barney has also been developing a process to make sound with quantum data, further expanding the boundary-pushing nature of the work.

Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 10.43.22.png


Sound Design for Alice Aires

Plastified: An Ode takes us on a deep sea dive through a partially speculative ecology, revealing strange and hidden life forms from Earth. Sonorous pulls and pushes, and ecopoetic ebbs and flows crystallize places where cameras can’t see. Bioluminescent creatures are drawn from the scientific depths, and digitally memorialized by the cause of their extinction - human plastic.

Barney Kass- Sound design
Felix Weyss- Additional Animation Assets
Ines Guedes- Scientific Consulting



Sound Art and Interaction Design

Texture of Light is an innovative artwork that transforms the space around it into a sentient surface. The artwork responds to the sound of visitors in the space, creating an interactive feedback system that enables a unique collaboration between people and their environment.


As visitors interact with the artwork, their movements and sounds control the light in the space, creating a mesmerizing display of colour, texture, and sound.


This immersive experience challenges traditional distinctions between art and space and encourages the viewer to explore the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment.

Collaborators - 
Mále Uribe
Thibaut Everard

Shown in Hockney Gallery South Kensington SG1

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