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Artist, Creative Direction, Creative Technologist.

Mass is an interactive artwork that invites you to experience a profound celebration of community and acceptance. Created by artists Barney Kass and Pod Bluman, this unique installation combines art, technology, and community to create a transformative experience. This is an opportunity to not only witness art but to become an active participant in it.

At its core, Mass brings people together to foster a sense of unity among participants. With live audiovisual sets and interactive elements, the artwork encourages active engagement and collaboration between the artist and participants, making each visitor an integral part of the experience.

The interactive elements are carefully designed to bring everyone together, you become part of a vibrant community and a platform for individuals to connect. Mass engages all of your senses, immersing you in an environment that creates a symbiotic environment where people come together as a group to accept each other as individuals. 

We are attempting to playfully challenge the standard ideas of what a performance is, where a performance starts and ends, and even who a performer is. Can the audience be a legitimate part of a performance and contribute in a way that enhances the experience for the community?

We hope the installation will leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind, provoking thought, reflection, and a deeper understanding of the importance of acceptance in our society.

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