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Shown at South Kiosk Gallery, London

Ecosystem I is a thought-provoking exploration of compassion, listening, and well-being.


The work aims to challenge our anthropocentric worldview and foster symbiosis and collaboration between all living things. Featuring plants from various ecosystems across the world, the piece emphasizes the unique needs and wants of each plant, highlighting the beauty of a diverse community.


Through the use of electrode sensors, each plant is given a voice, which is gathered to create original compositions that reflect their unique perspectives.


This art piece is a reminder of the importance of living in harmony with nature and embracing our interconnectedness with all living things.

Ecosystem I .jpg
Ecosystem I(1).JPG
Ecosystem I.JPG

As people in the space collaborate with the plants by watering them a conversation is started.The system Barney designed translates the biological information into musical expressions, turning the plants into an orchestra and the system their conductor. This data allows for the system to choose between compositional elements to form a sonic language. But will the audience listen?

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