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Barney Kass is a multidisciplinary artist who utilizes music, audiovisual installation, and live performance to create innovative works that push the boundaries of new technology and live data. His work has been shown at prestigious venues such as Somerset House, The Royal Academy, and The Design Museum, and he has played at the renowned Glastonbury Festival.


Kass is particularly interested in exploring stories of inclusion and narratives of acceptance in his work. His pieces often focus on social and sensory experiences related to neurodiversity and mental well-being, and aim to challenge societal perceptions of not only what but who is considered important.


Through his use of sound, music, and installation, Kass creates immersive environments that transport viewers into his unique perspective. His work encourages audiences to engage with their surroundings in a fresh way and to consider new possibilities for perception and experience.


Overall, Barney Kass is a talented and innovative artist who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible within contemporary art. His work is not only visually and sonically stunning but also intellectually challenging and emotionally resonant. With a commitment to inclusivity and a passion for experimentation, Kass is quickly becoming one of the most exciting names in the world of multidisciplinary art.

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