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Hello, my name is Barney.

I am a practising artist, researcher and musician based in London. I am passionate about storytelling through immersive media, and I love working with different communities and people.

In my own practice, I have been exploring how social and sensory experiences, often concerning neurodiversity and mental well-being, can contribute to whether someone is perceived by society to be important, or not. Especially with sound, music & installation.

We are always listening to the constant waves of information. You can't escape sound yet it contributes to our wellbeing. But why are so many spaces inaccessible to so many? I explore this in installations & music.

Some of the galleries I have worked with include the Design Museum, South Kiosk, Royal Academy of Arts. I have lectured at the Royal College of Art, led workshops at the University of the Arts London. I have collaborated with artists such as Libby Heaney, Matt Lewis and Freddy Griffith.

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