I am a practising artist, researcher and musician based in London. I am passionate about storytelling through immersive media.

My work often explores the relationship between social & sensory experience dictate whether someone is more human/important, or not, especially with sound, music & installation

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Gas Tower Stage

An Audio-Visual performance with 8-channel music, 360 video, and live brainwave and environmental data.

Visuals - Amy Cutler

Creative Tecnology - Arthur Willson, Nirav Beni 

Sponsorship - Pentaform Computers



New Addition

An early-stage audiovisual performance blending field recordings, music and music visualisers exploring the themes of pay, inclusion and wellbeing.

The visuals are generated from an AI neural network which was fed questions and statements from people with Autism, C-PTSD and adverse childhood experience focusing on their sensory experiences of the world.

The narrative reflects on participatory action research developed with people experiencing and working with autism and adverse childhood experiences. The music spans from Ambient to percussive electronic music.


Sound/Installation design
at Design Museum

I collaborated with the Design Museum Residents in late 2019 for the London Design Festival. My role was to help design the installation and compose a soundscape alongside the visual artists moving image works.

The Cosmic capsule invites you to delve into the connections of the cosmos. This unique film installation and soundscape will take visitors on a journey through the stars to explore the miracle of childbirth, the possibilities of our food systems, the creation of wonder materials and the otherworldly landscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert.

This display is part of the London Design Festival 2019.

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Generative Installation at South Kiosk Gallery

Ecosystem I is an exploration into compassion, listening and wellbeing.

The piece aims to question our human-centred worldview encouraging symbiosis and collaboration between living things.

Originating from ecosystems across the world each plant has specific needs and wants. When planted next to each other they form a motley crew, a diverse community. 

Each plant is given the ability to be heard through electrode sensors arranging original compositions.

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Reasearch Project for Climate and Cities

A General Ecology of Things is an exploration into social ecosystems, anthropology and community.

An ecosystem is defined as an interconnected biological community of perfectly individual organisms interacting with their physical environment. I invite you to observe yourself as an ecosystem. A complex system with highly collaborative elements that nourishes and ultimately enables us to survive. An ecosystem is reliant on a fine balance between everything within the “community” and the different mutualistic and parasitic relationships that exist within them.

Sound and music has been embedded in our culture for as long as people have formed communities. We hear as a form of protection and communication between each other and the environment. It has been argued that even the caves we once chose to live, pray and paint in during the Palaeolithic era were specifically chosen for their acoustic properties, either to protect us from intruders or to utilise reverberant spaces to create an ethereal euphoric environment. It has now developed over time into a powerful form of expression that binds us together. Cultures from around the world have used sound and ritual to connect with their surroundings and empower themselves for generations. A common hole in our cultural fabric surrounding well-being is connection.

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Immersive Audiovisual Event

I was the creative director and founder of Native Instinct. A multi-installation event including live audio and visual performances as well as site-specific installations.



1/2 Picnic with artist Julita Mahrer

Picnic Collective is an interactive platform for artists of all nature. We aim to connect, support and encourage all to be enriched and grow.

Tho distance might be between us our minds can be linked in solidarity to nurture and support each other.



Interactive Music Website

‘Polyphonic Earth’ proposes an accessible website which focuses on sound. Music has been embedded in cultures for as long as people have formed communities. It has become an integral part of social dynamics, used to collect and bond together. During these difficult times of being sent to isolate, the project encourages a social interaction that transcends language. The project encourages all to become musicians, each contributing to a musical piece allowing to be present together. Each sound starts a conversation between all online, bridging the social gap and connecting spaces and people from across the globe in unity and harmony.


Creative Direction, Concept and Sound Design





Generative Installation at Hockney Gallery

Texture Of Light is a sentient surface, the sound of the visitors in the space control the light. This feedback system creates a collaboration between people and space. 

Collaborators - 
Mále Uribe
Thibaut Everard