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Interactive Audio-Visual Performance Space

Mass is an interactive artwork that invites you to experience a profound celebration of community and acceptance. Created by artists Barney Kass and Pod Bluman, this unique installation combines art, technology, and community to create a transformative experience. This is an opportunity to not only witness art but to become an active participant in it.

At its core, Mass brings people together to foster a sense of unity among participants. With live audiovisual sets and interactive elements, the artwork encourages active engagement and collaboration between the artist and participants, making each visitor an integral part of the experience.

Creative Director /  Artist - Barney Kass

Creative Producer - Pod Bluman

Notch Artist - Richard Porter

Notch and Disguise - Ed Hoare

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Gas Tower Stage

An immersive audio-visual performance that combines 8-channel music, 360 video, and real-time data from brainwave and environmental sensors.


The audience was surrounded by stunning visuals and sounds that responded to the world around them. It was a unique and captivating experience that shouldn't have been missed.


Visuals - Amy Cutler

Creative Tecnology - Arthur Willson, Nirav Beni 

Sponsorship - Pentaform Computers



New Addition

This innovative audiovisual performance incorporates a diverse range of elements, including field recordings, music, and music visualizers, to create a unique sensory experience. Exploring themes of inclusion, pay, and well-being, the performance is centred around an AI neural network that was fed questions and statements from people with Autism, C-PTSD, and adverse childhood experience.


The result is a striking visual display that reflects on participatory action research that was developed with people representing these groups. The soundtrack blends ambient and percussive electronic music, providing a captivating and immersive experience that's sure to delight audiences.


Sound/Installation design
at Design Museum

As part of the London Design Festival 2019, I collaborated with the Design Museum Residents to create a unique film installation and soundscape called the Cosmic Capsule.


The installation features moving image works by visual artists and a soundscape that I meticulously composed. Visitors can explore the connections of the cosmos as they journey through the stars, discovering the miracle of childbirth, the intricacies of our food systems, the creation of wonder materials and the breathtaking landscape of Chile's Atacama Desert.


The Cosmic Capsule is a thought-provoking experience that seamlessly blends science and art, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of human creativity.

Ecosystem I .jpg


Generative Installation at South Kiosk Gallery

Ecosystem I is a thought-provoking exploration of compassion, listening, and wellbeing.


The work aims to challenge our anthropocentric worldview and foster symbiosis and collaboration between all living things. Featuring plants from various ecosystems across the world, the piece emphasizes the unique needs and wants of each plant, highlighting the beauty of a diverse community.


Through the use of electrode sensors, each plant is given a voice, which is gathered to create original compositions that reflect their unique perspectives.


This art piece is a reminder of the importance of living in harmony with nature and embracing our interconnectedness with all living things.

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Reasearch Project for Climate and Cities

A General Ecology of Things is a captivating exploration of social ecosystems, anthropology, and community.


The project invites the audience to observe themselves as an ecosystem, as a complex system with highly collaborative elements that rely on a delicate balance between all aspects of the environment.


As a form of protection and communication between people and their surroundings, sound and music are deeply embedded in our culture, a powerful tool that has empowered communities from around the world for generations.


The project highlights the value of connection and the importance of well-being, offering a thought-provoking experience that challenges us to see ourselves as part of a wider ecosystem, and to embrace the interconnectedness of all things.

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Immersive Audiovisual Event

As the creative director and founder of Native Instinct, I created a captivating multi-installation event that featured live audio and visual performances alongside site-specific installations.


The event offered a unique and thought-provoking experience, showcasing the beauty and power of creative expression through various mediums. With a focus on immersive and site-specific installations, guests were able to engage with art in new and exciting ways, making for a truly unforgettable experience.


As the founder and creative director, I was proud to bring together incredibly talented artists and curate a one-of-a-kind event that truly captured the imagination and inspired the senses.



1/2 Picnic with artist Julita Mahrer

Picnic Collective is an innovative and interactive platform designed to unite artists of all kinds. Our mission is to foster connection, provide support, and encourage growth within the artistic community.


Even if we are separated by distance, our minds can still be linked in solidarity to nurture and support each other.


By bringing together a diverse group of artists, Picnic Collective strives to create a dynamic and inclusive space where ideas can be shared and collaboration can thrive. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Picnic Collective is a space where you can connect, learn, and be inspired to reach your full artistic potential.



Interactive Music Website

Polyphonic Earth is an innovative and accessible website that celebrates the power of sound.


For centuries, music has played a critical role in human culture, serving as a means of communication, celebration, and collectivity. In these challenging times of isolation, Polyphonic Earth seeks to bridge the social gap between people from all around the world, transcending language barriers through the unifying power of music.


The project encourages everyone to become musicians by contributing to a musical piece, creating a harmonious conversation between people from all corners of the globe. Through Polyphonic Earth, sound becomes a tool for connection and unity, allowing us to be present together in a powerful and transformative way.


Creative Direction, Concept and Sound Design



Generative Installation at Hockney Gallery



Texture of Light is an innovative artwork that transforms the space around it into a sentient surface.


The artwork responds to the sound of visitors in the space, creating an interactive feedback system that enables a unique collaboration between people and their environment.


As visitors interact with the artwork, their movements and sounds control the light in the space, creating a mesmerizing display of colour, texture, and sound.


This immersive experience challenges traditional distinctions between art and space and encourages the viewer to explore the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment

Collaborators - 
Mále Uribe
Thibaut Everard

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